When did Online Shopping start?

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The internet has revolutionized the way we do everything and the same goes for online shopping. It is one of the fastest growing ventures in the World Wide Web with more people turning to the web for all their shopping needs. The Internet has brought convenience, variety and a whole lot of competition to the world of online shopping. There are many benefits of shopping online:

Online Shopping – More people turn to the Internet to buy all kinds of merchandise. However, did you know that in the year 2020 the number of shoppers going online to buy their favorite items actually surpassed the number of shoppers going into a brick-and-mortar store? It is no wonder then that the number of people shopping online has increased at such an alarming rate. So how did online shopping start? Where did shopping online really come from and where does it now stand today?

It was in 1995 when online shopping really started gaining momentum. Before this time, most people used to simply drive up and down the high street to find a bargain. No one had to consider using the internet until then. When the internet became available, people realized they could save both time and money by shopping online. This lead to people no longer shopping locally but instead shopping online whenever they wanted. They no longer had to take the time out of their busy lives to go shopping and it meant they could more time to spend with their families.

What happened next is anybody’s guess. People just took to the online shopping route like a fish to water. As the years went on, online shopping really began to grow and expand. In the US alone, internet shopping rose from a small number of people to millions.

Today, online shopping is so popular that it is difficult to imagine anyone who does not have an account with one or more online stores. It is the most popular form of e-commerce and accounts for over 50% of all retail sales. The number of online shopping venues has also increased over the years. Shopping options include shopping through your computer and online (CCME), online (OST), mobile (cell phones), shopping via the internet (websites), and traditional (brick and mortar) stores. As it stands, online shopping is widely accessible to anyone.

How did online shopping start to become so popular? There are many theories, but one of the most prevalent is that shoppers were becoming too busy in their daily lives and had nothing left to do in order to fit in some shopping into their schedules. Online shopping gives them an outlet for all their shopping convenience and is a great way to spend less time shopping, but still get the items that are important to them.

If you want to use online shopping as a way to save money, you will need to understand how it works. When you begin shopping online, you will be charged a certain fee by the shopping site. This fee generally is separated into several categories, such as shipping costs, credit card fees, and a few other fees that you will not see listed upfront when you begin shopping. The online shopping sites have a system that keeps track of all these different fees and passes them along to you in the form of a discount for your purchases.

Another theory on when doing online shopping start to become popular is because people began to realize how convenient online shopping is. You can go from store to shop at your convenience, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. The fact that online shopping saves you time and money makes it even more appealing. The ability to quickly compare prices from one site to another, find the best deals, and make purchases from the comfort of your own home are all great reasons why online shopping has become so popular

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