The U.S. Congress will vote in June 19 (juneteenth) as federal holiday marking the end of slavery

The U.S. Congress will vote in June 19 (juneteenth) as federal holiday marking the end of slavery
On Wednesday, the U.S. House of representatives adopted a bill, “Juneteenth” or a federal vacation to commemorate the end of Black Americans’ legalised servitude, and submitted it to President Joe Biden.

The White House did not say if it will be legally signed by the Democratic president but it is highly expected to be done
It is the festival of 1865 when a commander of the Union notified a group of enslaved people in Texas that President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War released them two years earlier.
Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas Democracy appeared next to an important image of a Black and White man disfigured by whippings during slavery during the floor discussion.
She claimed that she had put in place laws to make Juneteenth N23N3A0 A holiday of the federal government to celebrate the abolition of slavery, the original sin of America, and to
In a vote of 415-14 the House adopted the measure. On Tuesday, the Senate voted unanimously.

The United States’ achievement is that of a year after the killing of African-American George Floyd by a Minneapolis police official, it has been shaken by protests against racism and police.
Guy Reschenthaler, the Representative from the Republic of Pennsylvania, has praised the role played in the Civil War, stating that the designation of 19 June as a domestic vacation will raise awareness of … June 10, 2015. Black history and culture would be celebrated. They recognised the Americans who fought and died in order to end their enslavement.”
In 1980, Texas formally proclaimed June 10 a state holiday and since then, holidays in most of the US have been legally acknowledged.
The 19th June will be an official holiday, joined by Martin Luthher King Jr, President of the Holy See and Presidents of Martin King Jr. on the list including Christmas and New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day

So the U.S. Congress will vote in June 19 (juneteenth) as federal holiday marking the end of slavery

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