Where can i get tested for covid-19 mu variant covid

Councillor Colin Gager

Where can i get tested for covid-19 mu variant covid? mu variant covid; so there is a new variant
Where can i get tested for covid 19, (in Trelawny)
Councillor Colin Gager, Falmouth’s mayor, said the Trelawny Municipal Corporation has been urging residents of the parish to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Every section of the parish is involved in [the activities]. As Councillor Gager explained, “we have been sending out town criers to announce when the vaccination would be accessible in each location, and we have been doing it around the clock.”
Trelawny Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) held a digital monthly meeting on Wednesday (August 25).

Mayor Gager said that every effort has been made to satisfy the needs of those who wish to get vaccinated.
As part of this, we will provide transportation and refrigeration.

This includes transportation and refreshments, he said, adding that the same courtesy is offered to medical staff participating in the immunization process as well.

On another note, the mayor reminded councilors that the Corporation has been urging them actively help people in getting vaccinated.

Councilor Gager said that a number of people in the parish had been reluctant to be vaccinated.

This is something we’re working on. But everyone has to accept responsibility for himself, no matter what the situation is. For months, we’ve preached the procedure. Wear your masks, sanitize, and keep a certain distance from the other people… “We can only do so much,” he said.

What are the symptoms of covid-19? that will be discussed in an upcoming article along with the latest variant omicron.



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