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Stores aim for a more diverse pool of Santas Old Navy is attempting to make Christmas less white.

On Friday, Old Navy will start a virtual “Santa BOOT Camp” to train would-be Kris Kringles of color in the art of spreading seasonal cheer and to diversify the ranks of those who play the iconic Christmas persona. But, as conservative pundits and politicians incite white resentment and a national debate rages over the teaching of critical race theory, one of the original Black Santas has some advise for the rookies who plan to don the red suit this season: Disarm the bigots with Christmas goodwill.

“I’m not into politics, and I’m a faith-based Santa, so I know I’m not the reason for the season, and I’m happy to share that with everyone who would listen,” Dion “Santa Dee” Sinclair, or “The Real Black Santa,” told NBC News. “But it’s fine if I’m not your type of Santa. I’ll continue to smile and tell the kids a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.”

Besides, “the kids don’t see color,” Sinclair explained. They only see Santa Claus.”

Other retailers, such as Macy’s and major shopping malls such as the Mall of America in Minnesota, have attempted to broaden their Santa lineups, delighting some customers while disappointing others.

“It is a worry,” Tim “Santa Tim” Connaghan, another of America’s top Santas, remarked when questioned about the outrage over nonwhite Santas. “Some people are resistant to change, and things are obviously changing.”

According to a corporate spokeswoman, what isn’t particularly covered in the Old Navy instructional is how a nonwhite Santa deals with racism.

old navy

According to a corporate statement, “our Santa BOOTcamp is a playful experience intended at bringing out the inner holiday joy in all of our attendees.” “We will offer advice on some of the most typical obstacles of portraying Santa, such as how to handle extravagant gift demands and how to temper potential scepticism in children.”

Old Navy, on the other hand, stated that company “stands for diversity and has a zero tolerance policy for workplace discrimination and harassment.”

“Our brand is firmly committed to treating all employees, including our in-store Santas, with respect and decency.”

Sinclair, 57, says he “became Santa Claus” about 20 years ago and is one of the Santa trainers in Old Navy’s “Happy ALL-idays” campaign.

The Santa trainees will also learn some crucial phrases in both sign language and Spanish, as well as how to shoot the perfect holiday photo, during the 30-minute virtual course, he said.

“One of the most essential things to remember is to never make a promise you can’t keep,” Sinclair advised. “If a child requests a certain gift, you say, ‘Let’s see what we can do.'” In my heart, I’d give every child the gift they desired from my bag. However, parents are not always able to purchase the gift that their child desires.”

The most potential Santa boot camp graduates may be assigned to Old Navy’s flagship stores in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

“There aren’t many Santas out there who are like me,” Sinclair remarked. “It’s even more difficult to find an Asian Santa.” “Trust me, I tried.”

Connaghan, the Marine Corps’ and Toys for Tots’ national Santa, agreed. He, too, is attending the Santa BOOT Camp.

“Companies like Old Navy recognize that an increasing number of customers want their Santas to look like them,” said Connaghan, who also owns the Kringle Group, one of the largest Santa booking agencies. “But it’s just really difficult to locate an Asian, Hispanic, or African American Santa, particularly one with a full white beard.” Many are, I suppose, follicly challenged.”

“I am fortunate,” Sinclair, who wears a thick white beard all year, remarked. “However, many Black guys have difficulty growing beards like mine, and the theatrical white beards no longer fool the kids.” The children are astute. They can detect when someone is wearing a phony beard.”

The argument made by Sinclair and Connaghan about the scarcity of nonwhite Santas is supported by data.

In a country where half of children under the age of 15 are nonwhite, according to a Santa poll conducted by The Tampa Bay Times in 2017, less than 5% of professional Santas working malls, street corners, and festive events are Black, Asian, or Hispanic.

However, the thought of Santa being anything other than an elderly white man with a large beard and bright red cheeks did not sit well with some elements of American society when Black Santas first appeared following World War II.

Megyn Kelly, then a Fox News star, generated outrage in 2013 when she insisted on her broadcast that both Santa and Jesus were white and that anyone who thought differently ought to get over it.

Three years later, the Mall of America faced an online outcry after hiring Larry Jefferson as its first Black Santa, a procedure that necessitated a countrywide search.

Sinclair, a father of four and grandpa of two located in Atlanta, said he first encountered such ugliness while working the evening shift at a mall in a predominantly white Atlanta neighborhood.

“A mom came in who had been at the mall earlier in the day and seen a white Santa and came back later in the day with her kids and, lo and behold, she found me,” Sinclair explained. “‘That’s not the Santa we’re looking for,’ she said to the manager.” Her small daughter was clearly disappointed. She was just interested in seeing the overweight men in red suits.”

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Old navy near me you can find locations on the store’s website while old navy hours have been extended opening early and closing late as 10pm so plenty of time to get old navy dresses and other exciting gifts.

Assume that the world is in order and that there is a store that sells apparel for the entire family. Assume that everything it sells is stylish and of high quality, and that it is available at an unbelievable price. That store exists – it’s called Old Navy.

Old Navy is a clothing and accessory retailer for the entire family. We design women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel and believe in the democracy of style, the power of play, and the joy of fashion. We enjoy being frugally inventive and providing fantastic style at an incredible bargain to everyone. We’re not high fashion, but we’re close!

With a commitment to quality and innovation, along with a modern design sensibility, we produce must-have styles for baby, toddler, kids, men & women, providing one of the industry’s biggest ranges of sizes, with over 201 sizes including petite, plus, and tall.

Old Navy is America’s number one dress brand, and our denim is truly world-class (making butts happy since ’94!). We produce some of the greatest sportswear in the business at unbeatable prices.

Our commitment to sustainability is to leave the environment better than we found it for our children (and their children, and their children) – thus we are working hard to achieve a target of 100 percent cotton sourced sustainably and 100 percent denim created with water-saving practices.

Old Navy was founded in 1994 in San Francisco, California to provide style to the people. We now have over 1100 stores and over 4 million visitors to our website each year. We think that everyone is family here, and that belonging has never been a fashion. We can’t wait to see you in-store or online!



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