MEMORIAL DAY OUTDOORS [a fantastic time] activities on memorial day
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Most of us prefer getting outdoors over extended Memorial Day weekends. It’s a fantastic time to organize a fishing vacation, a camping and hiking trip, or a long weekend spent splashing around in your favorite lake, river, or stream. It’s simply a fantastic time to get outside and create memories.

Getting outside this year will let us forget for a time that we’re still fighting Covid-19. It will, hopefully, make us forget about the bad news and divisive politics for a few days. It will allow us to forget about all of the work that needs to be done and bills that need to be paid over the long weekend.

But don’t forget why we commemorate this day. The true meaning of Christmas, like Christmas, is lost in marketing tactics aimed at getting you to spend your hard-earned money. It is supposed to be a special day set aside to memorialize those who gave their lives fighting for the liberties we have today while serving in our armed services. Let us not be so preoccupied with the holiday weekend that we forget to appreciate and commemorate these brave men and women. If they hadn’t made the ultimate sacrifice, we might not have the liberties we have today.

activities on memorial day

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According to a recent research conducted by the US Department of the Interior and the US Department of Commerce, more than 54% of non-hunting Americans view wildlife, 17% photograph wildlife, 63 percent feed birds, and 26% feed other wildlife.

MEMORIAL DAY OUTDOORS [a fantastic time]

When you go camping, the temptation is to carry so many equipment and supplies that you have enough of food, sleeping, and dressing alternatives.
While it may appear to be the correct thing to do, it takes up valuable packing space.
You don’t need to bring a laptop with you if you eat basic cuisine and dress in simple clothes. If you resist the need to overpack with items you won’t use, you’ll have more room for items you will. You’ll also have more time to unwind, sit around a campfire, go fishing, or go for a hike.

best places to go for memorial day weekend

If you enjoy astronomy when camping, like I do, you must select the appropriate campsite. You want to be as far away from the lights of the metropolis as possible.
Plan your vacation for a new moon, when the moon is completely obscured, allowing you to see even more stars. Also, when the humidity is low, try stargazing. The more dry the air, the easier it is to view stars.
Larry Whiteley, a Nixa native, has been communicating about the great outdoors across America for more than 40 years through newspapers, periodicals, and blogs, as well as a syndicated radio show heard on the American Forces Radio Network in all 50 states and around the world.Look out for what is memorial day, led memorial day and essay about memorial day next article.

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