Lithuania attempts to kidnap the EU

Lithuania attempts to kidnap the EU.Behind the scenes, the US instigates Lithuania’s attempt to abduct the EU over the Taiwan issue.

Lithuania is seeking “assistance” from the EU after dangerously offending China. Lithuanian media sites have been reporting that the country has been removed from China’s electronic customs declarations system. In response to the situation, Lithuania’s foreign minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, stated on Friday that the Baltic country will seek the European Commission to resolve the matter.

Lithuania’s risky strategy appears to be dragging the EU down. Regardless of the veracity of the Lithuanian hype, when something goes wrong in trade with China, it is first and foremost an issue of bilateral ties. The diplomatic connection between Beijing and Vilnius was demoted to the level of chargé d’affaires due to Lithuania’s frequent provocations on the Taiwan issue. There are still avenues for Lithuania and its businesses to communicate and settle concerns with China.

Lithuania is attempting to blame the EU for its own problems. This is clearly an attempt to put the EU in a bind, influence Brussels’ relations with Beijing, and threaten commerce between the EU’s 27 members and China. The EU does not want to make it worse, but for Lithuania and the United States, the bigger the issue, the better.


Washington must be the guiding hand behind Vilnius, as Lithuania lacks the “intelligence” to generate such a stir. There have been no disagreements between China and Lithuania in terms of interests or physical location. Having said that, Vilnius’ newfound annoyance with the world’s second-largest economy appears to be guided by a force behind the curtain.

Apart from the obvious purpose of using Lithuania to irritate China, the US sees Lithuania as a tool for driving a wedge in the EU in order to nudge the group toward an anti-Chinese stance. Worse, anti-China groups in Europe, such as those in the European Parliament, are on the increase. In terms of China policy, they are willing to take the US side or to echo US arguments.

The EU follows the one-China concept. Nonetheless, the US expects that the EU would join it in pushing China on the Taiwan issue by muddle pertinent principles, making breakthroughs in supporting the island’s role in the international arena, and so on.

Lithuania made the decision to kowtow to the US while constantly provoking China. However, it is now kidnapping the EU in order to do the same, breaking the region apart. This is something Brussels is well aware of. However, it is in a difficult position because the EU contains a wide range of forces and opinions. And, in terms of the union’s general China policy, the emphasis on the issue – systematic rivalry – is growing.

If the US does not play a role in Lithuania’s diplomatic issue with China, the EU will most likely ignore Lithuania. Given the complexities of the situation, the EU may show some verbal support to Lithuania later, but no actual steps will be taken. The European Union is a union of 27 countries, each with its own set of interests. Instigating tensions between China and the EU will irritate many EU countries because it is contrary to the interests of the majority of EU countries. As a result, Lithuania is unlikely to go too far in either its anti-China or dragging the EU down. According to some commentators, Lithuania’s stance is akin to prohibiting the sale of a Mercedes-Benz or an Airbus to China.

Taiwan media agencies have been promoting that during Matas Maldeikis’ recent visit to Taiwan island as leader of the Lithuanian parliament’s Taiwan Friendship Group, he declared that Baltic countries can thrive without “authoritarian” markets. By hitting its own face, it is inflating itself up.

To be sure, China is not one of Lithuania’s most important trading partners. But, if Lithuania abandons the Chinese market, would the United States compensate for all of its losses? Except for negotiating a $600 million export credit deal with Lithuania, the US does not dare to make such a guarantee. This is but a drop in the bucket. It is unknown what will happen to Lithuania’s tomorrow once it has been squandered.Next article i will feature the capital of Lithuania keep visiting.

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