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After Julie excitedly informed that there will be a live feed for the public to have access to all cameras set up in the Big Brother house via the REAL SuperPass Live Feed, David responded, “Is there a lot of uhh.. When people get together like that… like to… uhm… Julie chuckled and stated that the houseguests are well aware of the cameras in the house. She went on to explain that Americans are conservative and uptight, and that they were the last Big Brother in the world to have any “Love” on the show. (Beginning with BB4)
Surprisingly, when David asked if houseguests were “normal,” and if any of them had ever gotten dangerously out of hand in the house, Julie responded by acknowledging that there had been several instances in Big Brother past show history where houseguests got out of control and were asked to enter the diary room, where they were immediately escorted out of the house. She also added, “I’m not sure if [the houseguests] are regular people?” Chen also revealed that the Big Brother residences are never intended to be ‘comfortable’ for the houseguests, but rather to function as a trigger for tension and drama between houseguests.
She reveals that this year’s house will accomplish just that. We know the house will include a “good” vs. “Evil” theme full of twists and surprises based on articles on house design and hints from Julie Chen herself. The 15-foot flame wall in the living room and brick kitchen in this year’s house will carry Julie’s ambition to fill the house with discomfort in order to build tension to the next level.
Following the unveiling of the 20 candidates chosen by Big Brother producers as potentials for the All-Star house on Wednesday, June 21st, viewers will be able to vote for their favorites. Following this explanation, Dave Letterman asks what will happen if no one votes… Julie responds by saying that the producers will simply choose them instead! So, AMERICA, MAKE SURE TO VOTE!! (as well as Canada!) Julie concludes the conversation by telling Dave that she plans to take a one-week vacation with her husband following the casting premiere.


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