Homecoming Mum Ideas

Homecoming Mum Ideas

Senior Homecoming mums are completely white with gold or silver accents. If one of your school’s colors is yellow, choose gold. If one of your school’s colors is white, use silver. How can you become your own senior homecoming queen? Tricks, tips, and tutorials

Since I was in high school three decades ago, the tradition of white senior homecoming mums has been new. It reminds me of my grandma, who graduated from high school in West Texas in the 1930s and wore a white gown to her graduation. While I wore one of my Sunday best dresses beneath my graduation gown, I was delighted to see my daughters carry on the tradition by purchasing a white dress to wear under their gowns.

Why bother, we would have thought. In any case, you won’t be able to see your dress beneath the gown! But another trend that I appreciate is the popular practice of photographing yourself with your gown unzipped, allowing you to see the lovely dress or shirt and tie that you’re wearing below.

But, enough of that! On to the instructions, methods, and suggestions for making your own white senior Homecoming Mum!

In this mother, we used two different styles of braids. The post The Best Homecoming Mum Braid Tutorials discusses the tutorials we utilized to gain directions for the braids, as well as starting pointers for constructing braids.


  1. Scissors
  2. Stapler – long arm stapler works best
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Low temperature Hot Glue Gun

Continue reading for more information on these goods.

three cardboard rounds

Mum blossom made of silk

40 streamers of ordinary ribbon, acetate ribbon works best – 18-36″ long each, approximately 30 yards ribbon in school colors (Rolls of acetate ribbon were formerly impossible to come by, but you can now get complete rolls of acetate ribbon — as well as other homecoming mom items – for a low price on Amazon!)

Lace, wired metallic ribbon, foil ribbon, and printed school spirit ribbon are examples of fancy ribbon and streamers.

Metallic stickers — lettering, football, and other sports logos, as well as spirit symbols
Charms – plastic charms or lightweight bells, or see alternatives below.
Large safety pins are used to secure the mother to the wearer’s shirt.

You can buy the cardboard rounds, but the price is outrageous for what they are.
You may make your own out of leftover cardboard or inexpensive poster board. I mention inexpensive because you don’t want it to be too robust — this adds weight and makes it tough to staple into.

If you build your own or buy them, you’ll need two circles about the size of a mother flower. The first of these rounds, Round 1, will be the one to which you will attach the majority of the streamers. The second treatment, Round 2, will cover any rough staples on the back.
The “mother collar” cardboard will be used in the third round, Round 3. After you’ve wrapped the ribbons around the edge of the mum flower, place it right behind it. Even if you buy the rounds, you’ll have to trim this one.

Homecoming Mum

Homecoming Mum Ideas

Round 3 of the mother collar cardboard should be somewhat smaller than the flower.
Then, to form a flat “base,” cut across one edge of Round 3. This will allow the bottom ribbons, which are the main ribbons on Round 1, to hang more freely and not be squashed as much. This will prevent your Homecoming mother from looking like a gigantic prize ribbon.
Make a hole in the center of each cardboard round.

In this mother, we used two different styles of braids. The tutorials we utilized to make the braids are covered in the post The Best Homecoming Mum Braid Tutorials. Before you begin, be sure to read my beginner’s guide on making the Homecoming Mum braids. It will save you a lot of time and aggravation!

Choose a base color and utilize it for the majority of your streamers. The darker color is normally the base color, and the lighter color is the accent color, which is commonly gold/yellow or white/silver.
It’s easiest to start by cutting a bunch of ribbons, starting with three to five of the same width and type of ribbon. Cut them into a variety of lengths. Set down a yardstick as a guide. My girls are 5’8″ and 5’9″, and a yard reaches to their knees, so the longest ribbons were about that length.

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