A woman suffering from ‘Snake Plague’ at home posts a video of the venomous reptile’s carnage.

A woman suffering from ‘Snake Plague’ at home posts a video of the venomous reptile’s carnage.
The breathtaking moment a woman went into her living room to discover it in disorder was captured on video, with the perpetrator determined to be an invasive red-bellied black snake.
Sarah Kirkman, an Australian TikToker, claims in the video that she returned home to discover a shambles on her living room floor. She then challenged viewers to find the culprit by focusing in on a red-bellied snake perched atop her television.

“I enjoy being an Aussie,” Kirkman remarked as she let viewers of the video get a good look at the snake basking in the sunlight flowing from a window near the TV.

The video, which was posted on Sunday, has over 295,000 views.
Kirkman said she is used to snakes infiltrating her home. In a comment on the video, she stated that this is the fourth snake she has discovered in her home this month. “It’s official, I have a snake plague,” she stated.

“I stepped into my laundry room two days ago and heard a loud hissing sound, glanced down, and found another crimson belly at my feet.”
Kirkman enlisted the assistance of a neighbor to remove the snake from her home after calling a snake removal service and discovering that they were on vacation. The Tiktoker stated that she couldn’t wait for professional assistance since she believed the snake posed a harm to pets.

Red-bellied black snakes are venomous snakes native to Australia that can grow to reach 4 feet long. They are the most frequent type of snake found in the country’s east.

The venom of a red-bellied black snake, which contains neurotoxins and other toxic components, can cause serious disease. Victims of red-bellied snake bites may lose their sense of smell as well.

There have been no human deaths related to red-bellied snakes, and the species is not particularly aggressive.

WIRES, an Australian animal rescue organization, warns against doing what Kirkman did if you find a snake in your home.

“Do not approach the snake or attempt to contain it,” the group advises on its website. “As long as you keep your distance from the snake, there is no imminent threat.”

“While many snakes are not dangerous, children and pets should be kept away from snakes at all times.”

According to the organization, after isolating the snake in a room and placing towels at the bottom of closed doors, you should contact a local snake removal expert.

One TikTok user commented on Kirkman’s video with slightly more severe advice: “Close the door behind you, that’s the snake’s house now.”

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