The teaser trailer for ‘Lightyear’ premieres exclusively on ‘GMA.’

The teaser trailer for ‘Lightyear’ premieres exclusively on ‘GMA.’

The first trailer for Pixar’s “Lightyear” is now out!

On Wednesday, “Good Morning America” premiered the official teaser trailer for the action-adventure flick, which Pixar described as “the ultimate story of the original Buzz Lightyear.”

Chris Evans will play the legendary hero in the Angus MacLane-directed film, which will be released in theaters on June 17, 2022.

The film is set to go into the inspiration for the iconic Space Ranger.

Although plot details have yet to be revealed, MacLane, a longtime Pixar employee who co-directed “Finding Dory” and has worked on several of the studio’s most notable films, did open up about the tone of Buzz’s story, revealing it will be both serious and funny, “but not goofy,” during an interview with “GMA.”

“Think ‘The Incredibles,’ where it’s funny but never feels like the characters are mocking their own safety — it’s a world of stakes, hazard, and death,” MacLane noted. “So this is a film in which we learn about Buzz Lightyear and the origins of the Space Rangers, among other things, but it’s meant to be this movie in the best sense of the word. It’s a film that honors the sensation of watching sci-fi movies from the late 1970s and early 1980s.”

“That’s basically the purpose of it,” he says, “to make a joyful ride that’s emotionally rewarding but also fun to watch and repeat.”

While announcing the title at Disney’s Investor Day last year, Pixar’s Pete Docter also revealed what viewers should not expect.

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“At first glance, you could say, ‘This looks like a ‘Toy Story’ movie.’ Now, don’t get too excited “He stated. “We invented Buzz Lightyear in the first ‘Toy Story,’ with the concept that he was a toy based on some incredibly great character from an epic, blockbuster picture. So, after all these years, we’ve decided it’s finally time to produce that picture.”

According to MacLane, in order to shape the picture, they conducted a detailed “study of what makes Buzz, Buzz.”

“The unifying aspect for me was Buzz being a guy that is continually out of step with his environment,” he explained. “There is much dispute on the nature of reality.”

“In ‘Toy Story,’ for example, he’s convinced he’s a Space Ranger until Woody tells him he’s a toy; you have to accept that,” the director remarked. “In the second film, it’s kind of reset with another Buzz Lightyear who needs to learn the same lesson and has a debate about the nature of reality. It’s the Spanish Buzz mode in the third film. The fourth picture is about the internal monologue character, therefore it is continuously trying to remove the individual from their environment.”

“I think there’s a universality to how, for as linked as we are as people, how distant we can get in society,” he continued.

MacLane also explained why he thinks Evans is the best choice to play Buzz Lightyear.

Lightyear movie trailer

“[Buzz] says extremely, really stupid things really, really seriously and takes the work very seriously, and so there were very few actors for me who could pull off a sincerity and yet the comedy of that,” he explained.

“He’s been a fantastic creative partner throughout the entire process and has completely gotten it and elevated the material in every way,” the director said of Evans.

MacLane acknowledged that the trailer leaves many issues unanswered, and he’s excited to see the fan ideas that emerge in the aftermath of its release.

“Honestly,” he remarked of the trailer, “it’s like 5% of the magnitude of the film.” “It truly is a teaser in every sense of the term. Chris says one word, and it’s really brief.”

“But I hope people get the feeling of scale and confidence and comedy, the mix of flavors and tone that we’re trying for in the trailer,” he continued. “They get a sense of what the picture will be.”




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