Texas attorney general child support

Texas state attorney general child support

Can I hold the Texas Attorney General’s Office’s Child Support Division liable for negligence?

Ok, back when my husband and I were still married, he was ordered by the court to pay child support, primarily because my daughter and I were on Medicaid. Still married but split, I took him back to court for failure to pay, and he dropped $10,000 in past child support and still no payments.I gave them his ID and social security card and continued to receive excuses about his location and job not being found despite the fact that he has an active chime bank account and a business he runs under handyman remodeling the original order was back in February 2015 I believe now my daughter and I are homeless living with family he’s been in and out of her life for years comes around maybe three to four times a year

Attorney Answer:

I’m sorry to hear about your predicament. Because the AG is a governmental entity, he or she is exempt from legal action. Because there is no attorney/client relationship, they assist you with child support but are not accountable for your case.

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