Steam servers are down: Latest Valve status reports as problems persist (Fortnite)

Steam servers are down: Latest Valve status reports as problems persist (Fortnite)
STEAM servers are down tonight, according to thousands of PC gamers.
UPDATE: Steam’s normal maintenance cycle has been exceeded, and much of the United States remains offline.

It should be noted, however, that reports of problems have begun to fade, implying that Steam servers may be back online for everyone soon.

ORIGINAL: According to gamers attempting to access typical platform functions, Steam servers are down tonight.
Thousands of reports of problems accessing Steam game libraries and multiplayer servers have been posted.

Apex Legends is one of the large multiplayer games that are now experiencing difficulty as a result of tonight’s Steam issues.
“I can’t connect into Steam, but a friend down the street is online in Steam right now playing Valheim online,” one afflicted user says.
Another person adds: “It’s for maintenance, and it happens every Tuesday. Despite the fact that it appears to be taking longer than normal.”

As previously stated, Valve typically shuts down Steam servers on Tuesdays for maintenance, which normally lasts no more than ten minutes.

It’s unknown what’s causing tonight’s outage or how long it will remain on PCs and other compatible devices globally.
Valve has yet to provide an update on what is causing the Steam servers to go down, with the most recent social media message coming an hour ago and focusing on the Naruto Franchise Sale.

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