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Simon Parkes youtube,Following the events of the Capitol Hill violence on Jan. 6 and Trump’s seeming concession speech the following day, a very fascinating British man named Simon Parkes has become a YouTube hit in just a few days. Parkes has told disgruntled Trump supporters that he is in direct contact with “Q,” the enigmatic figure allegedly leading a pro-Trump conspiracy to unseat corrupt and evil forces in Washington, D.C., and that there will be a great counter-revolution and legal disclosure in the coming days, culminating in Trump being sworn in for a second term as president.

Prior to this week’s events, Parkes was recognized (to the extent that he was known at all) as a former British Labor Party city councillor for Whitby who claimed to be the adoptive child of a 9-foot-tall green space alien and the father of an alien infant named “Zarka.” He maintained a New Age website called Connecting Consciousness, which looks to have been decommissioned in the last 24 hours, as well as a YouTube account.

According to the social media tracking site SocialBlade, Parkes’ YouTube channel had 10,000 followers prior to the Jan. 6 rioting. In just a few days, his subscription count had risen to more than 600,000 people.

simon parkes in contact with “Q”

With a calm, careless assurance, Parkes makes truly astounding assertions. His video from January 12 outlines how Q-Anon is a group of military intelligence specialists who have employed a secret “quantum computer” to assess probability leading up to the 2020 election. The origins of this group can be traced back to the killing of John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated by the powers-that-be due to his plans to return the United States to the gold standard, according to Parkes. He claimed that top government officials are not only pedophiles, but also keep many men, women, and children captive in underground bases; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was seized and found to contain pornographic material; she will be arrested soon, along with the Pope and Vatican officials who are also part of the conspiracy.

Parkes told his audience that President Trump will soon enact the Insurrection Act of 1807 to crack down on these criminals, and that his forces, including retired Gen. Michael Flynn, are waiting around the world to arrest key figures in government, business, and religion who are involved in the scam. They plan to re-elect Trump to a second term, with Flynn as his new vice president.

If it weren’t for the enormous increase of his followers and the diffusion of his views, Parkes could be dismissed or even laughed as one of a slew of Internet lunatics. On his weekly show, former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka has been battling people duped by Parkes and other promoters of the Q philosophy, insisting unequivocally that Trump will not seek a second term through the ballot box.

The Q movement first came to public attention in 2016, when a young man persuaded by Q’s anonymous posts shot a gun inside a Washington, D.C. pizza business, believing that its basement housed sexually abused children for corrupt Washington, D.C. politicians. The reality that Q’s faulty ideas might misdirect good intentions into embarrassing, harmful behaviors was clear at the time. Last week, a man calling himself “Q Shaman” and wearing a buffalo-horn headdress was among those who rioted in the Capitol building, even posing for selfies near the Speaker’s podium in the House Chamber.

Conspiracy theories emerge when public trust in authorities deteriorates, and when a nation ascribes to its leaders “the most evil aims and the most merciless means of achieving them,” as Chronicles columnist Samuel Francis observed in 1996. Conservatives’ dissatisfaction with their fears about the 2020 election

Rather than focusing on stories about wicked people working in the shadows, Francis advises that people should concentrate on what libertarian economist Murray Rothbard referred to as “power blocs.” In other words, human societies are made up of competing forces that vie for power, and those who are most successful in mobilizing the tools of power form an elite or ruling class. According to Francis:

The problem with viewing conspiracy as a “power bloc” or “political force” is that it takes all of the fun out of conspiracy theory. Instead of finding villainy in a small, monolithic, invisible, and all-but-invincible band of plotters, it proposes a sociology of elites as the primary explanation for the era’s prominent historical patterns. But, while truth is less entertaining than fiction, it is more useful.You can watch simon parkes youtube video.

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