Office Christmas Party

office christmas party
While this year’s Christmas will surely be unusual, that doesn’t mean you can’t rejoice during a pandemic. After months of being on lockdown and only seeing colleagues on virtual screens, many people are looking forward to celebrating face-to-face again at the Christmas party. Some will be meeting for the first time in person, while others may be nervous about the celebrations.
This year offers conflicting feelings, which necessitates a more deliberate approach to balancing fun and regulatory requirements. This article discusses the aspects to think about when celebrating the end of the year.
What are your legal responsibilities?Employers are required to maintain a safe workplace for their employees, especially during social gatherings such as the annual Christmas party. At the same time, employees have a responsibility to perform appropriately in the workplace.

Many employment contracts specify compliance with company policies and procedures like the Code of Conduct, Drug and Alcohol Policy and Anti-bullying and Harassment. It is an excellent time to organise refresher training on these policies in the lead up to December. Employers need to remind employees of acceptable behaviour and conduct at the Christmas Party.

10 of the coolest business Christmas party games
The business Christmas party carries a lot of weight since it is that unique time of year when everyone gathers to celebrate a year of hard work and (hopefully) reaching targets. If you’re in charge of organizing the annual Christmas party, it’s easy to let stress get the best of you as you worry about finding the perfect venue, the greatest caterers, and the proper kind of entertainment. While all of those elements are crucial (and don’t forget that SquareMeal offers a free venue searching Concierge service to assist you choose the perfect spot), we believe that the most important aspect of an office Christmas party should be…fun!
One approach to ensure that everyone has a good time is to organize some outstanding Christmas party games that the entire staff can participate in. Office Christmas parties can be difficult at first, as coworkers acclimate to the concept of drinking in front of HR or meeting individuals from departments they don’t really know, so party games are a wonderful way to break the ice and get everyone in the festive spirit. They’re also a great way to start talks with employees who don’t often work together – promoting more connections in the company can only be a positive thing, right?
Christmas party games are also often low-cost affairs, making them an excellent source of amusement if your budget is limited this year. Most Christmas party games simply require a few items that you most likely already have sitting around the workplace, making them quite simple to set up.

To help you create an unforgettable company Christmas party, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite office Christmas party games, let’s get the Christmas decorations going.

Secret Santa
First and foremost, we’ll address the most obvious one. Determine who wishes to participate in this time-honored custom a few weeks before the Christmas party, then set a budget restriction (e.g., £10). Once you have a complete list of participants, place all of the names in a hat and have everyone draw one from the pile; the name they choose is the individual for whom they must purchase a gift. Put everyone’s gifts in a pile and open them all together at the party to see who has been thoughtful and who has gone for a traditional prank gift.

Competition for the Ugliest Christmas Jumper
Organizing an ugly Christmas sweater competition is one way to get everyone in the office to embrace their funny side. Colleagues are challenged with locating and wearing the ugliest Christmas jumper they can find, or they can try their hand at crafting their own cringe-worthy designs at home. Because Christmas is a time for giving, you might even have everyone donate £1 to a charity of their choice. Regardless of how you decide to hold your ugly Christmas jumper contest, make sure to have fun prizes for first, second, and third place ready to go so that everyone has a real motivation to join in on the fun.

Tree Dress-Up Contest
All you need for this entertaining game are some eager volunteers and a box full of Christmas tree decorations such as baubles, tinsel, and garlands. Divide your coworkers into teams and form a judging panel. Next, have one person from each group volunteer to be the ‘tree,’ and the rest of their team decorate them with the ornaments. The judging panel can choose their winner at the conclusion of the allocated time period (don’t forget to capture photos of each participant for blackmail purposes!)

What exactly is in the stocking?
Playing a game of ‘what’s in the stocking?’ is a fun way to get people talking (and bring out their competitive side).
All you need to do is stuff a Christmas stocking with a variety of tiny items. Ideally, you’d use Christmas-themed stuff like a bauble or a Christmas cracker, but you can basically use whatever you can find. Once the stocking is full, pass it around your team and have each person guess what’s inside using only their sense of touch. The individual who correctly guesses the most items wins a gift and bragging rights for the remainder of the year.

Christmas tree with no eyes
We could tell you that this game is ideal for getting people’s creative juices flowing, but in truth, it’s a formula for catastrophe that will result in plenty of chuckles. Each participant in the blind Christmas tree challenge must be blindfolded and given a piece of green paper (if they do not wish to be blindfolded, they can instead hold the paper behind their back). Then, give each participant 30 seconds to try to tear the paper into the shape of a Christmas tree. Whoever has the most realistic-looking tree at the end wins, albeit no one’s tree appears that realistic in our experience…

The Great British Baking Show
Okay, so it’s not quite a game, but it’s a great way to get folks excited about Christmas and inject some healthy rivalry into the mix. This task, inspired on everyone’s favorite genteel reality show, The Great British Bake Off, encourages your coworkers to bring in their most amazing Christmas bake – think homemade mince pies, a chocolate yule log, or a classic Christmas cake. You can choose the categories under which the bakes will be judged and invite everyone in the office to participate in the tasting. Make sure to give the winner a reward or trophy, while everyone else will be content to enjoy some sweet goodies.

A Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a game of charades, would it? This simple and easy game in which individuals are tasked with acting out film, song, or book titles in complete silence is usually a hit, and it’s especially useful if you’re on a low budget because you don’t need to buy anything extra. To add a festive flavor to the game, have your colleagues play out their favorite Christmas films, books, or carols.

Christmas Trivia
Everyone enjoys a quiz at an office Christmas party, and adding a seasonal spin to your quiz rounds is simple. Why not play the first few seconds of a Christmas song and see if the teams can determine the name, or show them a commercial image for a well-known Christmas film but without the title and have each team estimate what it is. Quizzes are also a great method to mix up the different teams in the company and get employees chatting to folks they wouldn’t normally interact with.

What exactly am I? Christmas Special
This basic, uncomplicated Christmas party game involves very little preparation and equipment, making it an excellent choice if you have spent your whole budget on alcohol. Simply write out the name of a renowned festive figure (Father Christmas, Rudolph, etc.), paste it on someone’s forehead, and have them try to identify who you are. To make things more difficult, participants are only permitted to ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

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