Cyber Monday – Why More Americans Are Shopping Online During the Holiday Season

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The average American anticipates spending nearly $1,500 on the average holiday this coming year. In fact, it’s expected that consumers will spend more than twice what they did on Christmas last year on Black Friday. So how can you take advantage of this shopping extravaganza and increase your chances of making big savings? If you are aware of the way the shopping landscape changes each year and plan ahead, you’ll save big bucks.

Since the average American usually spends about twice as much as they did on Christmas just a few short years ago, many more consumers are planning ahead and taking advantage of all the online shopping opportunities available this time of year. The average American plans to spend only about $1,500 on the average holidays this year. Internet shopping is setting to take precedent over in-store shopping, especially as consumers see less social distancing measures from major retailers. Black Friday is still the busiest day for holiday shopping, followed closely by Amazon Prime Day. While consumers will gravitate toward these days, there are still several other sales you can take advantage of to make big savings.

One of the most obvious places you can look to save big on holiday shopping is on chain retailers like Walmart and Target. Both of these chains offer incredible sales before the new year begins, and Target in particular has a special sales beginning the Friday before the holiday, which coincides with popular movie releases. This is particularly great news if you have children or other families with whom you need to plan travel plans in advance. It’s important to note that there are some major discounts available on both of these chain retailers during the holiday shopping season. Some discounts include free shipping on eligible items, after-market merchandise and even cash back or gift cards.

Another great way to save big on online holiday shopping is to wait until the last week of the current season. Many shoppers have become accustomed to waiting for the annual clearance sale to begin in late January and early February, but this isn’t the only time of the year when you can take advantage of great deals on the latest electronics and other merchandise. Many electronic retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart offer weekly and monthly specials at various points throughout the year, including holiday specials. For example, Best Buy offers daily savings on TV’s, computers and accessories beginning on January 3rd and continuing through February 7th. Some companies even offer coupons redeemable towards specific items.

Stores often experience overnight shipping delays due to weather or emergency services in their area. In the days immediately following a major hurricane or other weather-related event, many consumers will be unable to obtain their gifts and accessories. Even if you do have access to your gifts and supplies on Monday, many retailers will begin to experience inventory shrinkage due to the overnight delays caused by weather. If you choose to shop on a Friday, you may find that your favorite brands are completely out of stock by the end of the day on Friday. Many retailers also experience overnight shipping delays that extend into the next week.

There are many other ways that the traditional holiday shopping strategies can fail to meet consumer needs. Shopping on a weekday when most consumers are at work provides very little shopping opportunity. Internet retailers also tend to offer lower prices to consumers who are working on the weekend or holidays. Many consumers enjoy the extra shopping options that are offered by online retailers during the holiday season, but not all consumers are comfortable with the idea of waiting in long lines or dealing with cold and scruffy salespeople. In addition, many advertisers choose to advertise exclusively during the holiday season, meaning that local businesses and advertisers are left out in the cold.

A new trend that is quickly gaining popularity is holiday shopping online with the introduction of black Friday. Black Friday is set apart from traditional shopping days by the overnight special price at which retailers offer their products. Consumers can save a lot of money on their purchases this way, and retailers can benefit from a large increase in sales. In order to take advantage of black Friday shoppers need to buy online during the designated hours. Millions of consumers say they usually buy online during black Friday, and more people are signing up to buy online every single day in order to take advantage of black Friday deals.

It is interesting to observe that many of the traditional holiday shopping days seem to be losing their appeal. The traditional holiday spirit seemed to fade away with the rise of internet shopping. However, many consumers have still embraced the holiday spirit, and there is still a great deal of demand for the types of products that consumers usually buy in the run up to the holiday period. If you are one of the few people who is still shopping on the weekends, you may want to consider cyber Monday shopping to get in on some of the big deals before others miss out.

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