Britney Spears released.

Britney Spears persuaded everyone that she should be released.

There had been no more heated debates or competing court files in recent months, no more tearful testimonies or screaming allegations.

For at least one day, everyone around Britney Spears agreed. She had to be set free.

The most important of them was Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny, who revoked the conservatorship that had controlled the pop singer’s life and finances for nearly 14 years at a hearing on Friday.

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Spears did not attend the 30-minute session, which was virtually anticlimactic following the recent courtroom drama in which Spears demanded first the elimination of her father’s control over her, and then the lifting of the legal shackles on her life.

It almost felt like a formality. The celebration that followed, on the other hand, was quite theatrical.

“It was the best day ever… God be praised… “Could I get an Amen?” Spears made the announcement on Twitter and Instagram shortly after the judgment.

After the decision was announced, spectators erupted in jubilation outside the courthouse, cheering and shouting. Fans sang and danced to Spears’ song “Stronger” while the crowd screamed “Britney! Britney! Britney!”

“Oh my God, I love my fans so much it’s insane!!!” Spears stated in her social media tweets. “I’m very sure I’m going to cry the rest of the day!!!!”

Britney Spears

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The decision came at the end of a dramatic journey in which Spears publicly demanded the termination of the conservatorship, hired her own attorney, had her father removed from power, and eventually won the freedom to make her own medical, financial, and personal decisions for the first time since 2008.

Those close to Spears claim she is capable of making such decisions.

“We have a safety net in place for Britney, both personally and financially,” her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, said outside the courthouse. “However, Britney is a free and independent woman as of today.” And the rest will be up to Britney and her support system.”

Jodi Montgomery, the court-appointed conservator who began overseeing Spears’ life and medical decisions in 2019, devised a care plan with her therapists and doctors to guide Spears through the aftermath.

“There is no reason Ms. Spears can’t live a secure, happy, and productive life following this conservatorship,” Montgomery’s attorney, Lauriann Wright, said at the hearing.

Penny’s ruling was accompanied by an unusually small number of caveats.

She made no orders requiring Spears to undergo mental examinations beforehand, as legal experts had predicted would be part of the conservatorship’s endgame. The court stated that under California law, she was not required to order additional evaluation of Spears if no one sought it.

The judge maintained a tiny portion of the conservatorship in place in order for the singer’s money to be shifted about in the coming months when financial power is returned to her.

Even as late as last spring, it appeared that the conservatorship would be extended for several years. Then it unraveled at a startling rate.

A speech Spears gave at a hearing in June in which she vehemently described the limits and scrutiny as “abusive” and declared, “I just want my life back,” was pivotal in the unraveling, a remark her lawyer reiterated in court Friday.

The agreement on display on Friday is unlikely to persist.

Rosengart has also promised to look into James Spears’ participation in the conservatorship during the 13 years he was in charge. He stated that he and his colleagues discovered mishandling of Britney Spears’ funds, implying that she may take additional legal action. According to court records, her net worth is around $60 million.

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He also suggested that law enforcement look into disclosures in a New York Times documentary regarding a listening device placed in her bedroom.

Rosengart’s allegations, according to James Spears’ attorneys, range from unfounded to impossible, and he has always behaved in his daughter’s best interests.

In some senses, the post-conservative struggle has already begun. James Spears has severed ties with the attorneys who assisted him in running it, and he has engaged Alex Weingarten, a lawyer who specializes in the type of litigation that is likely.

Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, Britney Spears’ former business managers, pushed back against Rosengart’s demands for records related to the firm’s involvement in the conservatorship from 2008 to 2018. The outfit also denied any involvement in or knowledge of the superstar’s spying.

Britney Spears was a 26-year-old new mother at the pinnacle of her career when her father formed the conservatorship in February 2008, initially on a temporary basis, following a series of public mental health issues.

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It concludes a few weeks before her 40th birthday, with her sons in their mid-teens and her career on indefinite hiatus as she prepares to marry for the second time.

Early in 2019, she canceled a planned musical residency in Las Vegas, which marked a watershed moment in her career. Her career has been put on hiatus since then.

Convinced that she had been placed in a mental hospital against her will, supporters banded together and demanded that the court #FreeBritney. They were initially ridiculed as conspiracy theorists, but the singer herself validated them in 2020 in a series of court documents in which she stated that they were correct to demand greater transparency and scrutiny of her legal status.

Those filings were the first hint from Spears, who had been deafeningly silence on the conservatorship for years, that she would seek significant changes.

Britney Spears has stated that she will prioritize her family and her newfound freedom for the time being. She may or may not continue to make music.

“Whether Britney performs again is up to Britney, at the appropriate time,” Rosengart remarked.

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