American Guinea Pig

american guinea pig

American Guinea Pig

Angel the cat and Halo the guinea pig share a large cage but frequently cuddle in the corner.

“They came in together, and the owner said they generally cuddle and sleep together at night. They were inseparably linked “According to Julia Conner of Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Conner says she’s never encountered such an odd couple in her 17 years as an animal control officer.

“I think honestly, my first reaction was this is definitely a first. We’ve never seen this before, but apparently, it’s not unheard of,” she says.

Conner knows that now because she posted a video of the duo on Facebook, and comments started flooding in — including a few from people who mentioned they had seen similar unlikely animal friendships.

“We get bonded pairings all the time here at the shelter, but it’s generally cats and dogs — most of the time — or a cat and a guinea pig, which is usually a prey situation. The cat would generally be chasing the guinea pig, so seeing them as best friends is unusual “Conner continues.

According to the veteran animal control officer, the two furry companions even appear to have their own language, a method of communication that is all their own.

“It’s amusing to watch them. They make an effort to speak with one another. Cats and dogs each have their own language, so seeing two animals communicate in their unique way is really fascinating. You have that ‘Oh my god, it’s so cute!’ moment.” Conner explains.

She goes on to say that the pair’s prior owner had some personal troubles and was forced to surrender them, but she asked that they be adopted together. Conner estimates Angel to be “four-ish” and Halo to be “two-ish,” and says that despite the pals’ expanding social media fan base, there have only been a few actual requests to adopt them.

“This is one of our most popular videos to date. We’ve had folks in Tennessee and Florida say they’d take them if no one else would, but we’re hoping for someone who truly wants Angel and Halo. I am confident that we will be able to locate someone who will keep them together. End the story, our goal is to keep them together “Conner explains.


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